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Caring is the Priority at Every Step

Our empathetic addiction interventionists use evidenced-based strategies to connect individuals struggling with substance abuse addiction to an appropriate solution. We know the prescription for addiction is appropriate love and concern.

The goal of an intervention is not to coerce the person with addiction to go to treatment; it is to change the family dynamic. A history of attempts that are not working must be disrupted in order to pierce the addiction cocoon. The aim is to address fears and manipulation by introducing healthy boundaries and trusted solutions that eliminate enabling behaviors.

We have developed a 10-step approach to addiction intervention that works. Download our infographic to learn more.


We've heard all of the worries and doubts of families who are timid about a drug or alcohol intervention for their loved one: 

  • "What if they feel ambushed?"
  • "What if they feel betrayed?"
  • "What if they get angry and leave?"
  • "What if it puts them over the edge and makes things worse?"

Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease. It's not going anywhere, and it gets worse over time. By entrusting proven solutions, your loved one has a chance. 

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Does your loved one need an intervention for their addiction? 
Your first call is free and all communication is confidential. 


Our 10-step approach to addiction intervention


1. A family in crisis must first recognize the problem.
2.  Relief starts with the first call to Ascension.
3.  An intervention team is assembled and a robust plan is outlined.
4.  Our professionals gather information and conduct the interviews with the family.
5.  Evidence of the addiction and the consequences of inaction are clearly documented.
6. Treatment settings are vetted against individual needs and the financial /insurance situation.
7. Transportation logistics are proactively addressed.
8. Group rehearsals prepare the family.
9. A loving family intervention is performed.
10. The family's loved one enters treatment.**
** Because of our relationships with different treatment centers, we are able to provide quality recommendations about what center would be the best fit based on your financial needs. We also have the ability to negotiate with treatment centers to provide cost savings to you.
Is it time for an Intervention?

Is it time for an Intervention?

If any of the following thoughts have ever occurred to you, it may be time for an addiction intervention for your loved one: 

  • The chaos of addiction has spiraled out of control.
  • Constant concern and anxiety brought on by addiction is all consuming.
  • You are struggling to break through your loved one's denial.
  • Family destruction from addiction has created angst and frustration.
  • You need solid advice and credible information about treatment options.
  • Your emotional connection to the situation makes it hard to be objective and reasonable.
  • You've had enough waiting for the problem to correct itself and have lost hope.

These are just some of the reasons families have turned to Ascension Recovery Services for substance abuse intervention. Contact us today to get started.

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

There are a number of typical signs and symptoms that are highly connected to substance abuse. Here are just some of them: 
Alcohol Issues
  • Personality changes and lost interest in hobbies
  • Relationship issues, legal complications, or work-related troubles
  • Hidden drinking or drinking alone
  • High alcohol tolerance
  • Excessive drinking or inability to limit consumption
  • Expressions of guilt about drinking
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not drinking
Drug Issues
  • Lying, manipulation, and reliability issues
  • Relationship issues, legal complications, or work-related troubles
  • Mood swings
  • Isolation
  • Stealing money and/or medications
  • Lack of focus
  • Physical changes: red eyes, weight loss, or constant itching
  • Insomnia
  • Problems gaining or maintaining employment

Start the recovery journey today. 

Your first call is free, and all calls are confidential.