Our Story

Ascension Recovery Services (Ascension RS) aims to expand access to care to people across West Virginia, the region, and the United States by helping individuals or organizations build financially viable behavioral health treatment programs that provide the highest quality services across the continuum of care. In 2011, when Doug Leech, the founder and CEO of Ascension RS, found himself in need of substance use treatment, there was nothing close to home. Through Ascension RS, Leech wants to close that gap so that treatment centers are much more plentiful and accessible.

Since Ascension RS’s formation, many successful projects have been completed across the country. We have assisted in the opening and improvement of intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, residential treatment centers, recovery residences, peer recovery coach networks, and substance use disorder (SUD) workforce development programs. While we continue to partner with local organizations, our company has grown into a national program developer operating in more than 25 states. 

Ascension RS is proud of a growing list of successful treatment programs and individuals thriving in recovery.