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Staging an Intervention. Why Hire an Addiction Professional?

Jun 13, 2018 10:30:00 AM / by Jon Dower, CIP, PR

Having a substance use disorder (SUD) is hard, especially on the individual who is suffering as well as their loved ones.

Hiring an addiction professional is advisable when dealing with a loved one’s SUD.

Read on to learn why.


Addiction is a complex issue that requires a thorough level of understanding in order to connect a suffering individual and family to the sophisticated services needed to address all the issues and circumstances that are present.

Much like going to a doctor, it isn’t advisable to enter the office, tell them your symptoms and self-prescribe the appropriate course of treatment. These doctors have spent many years of training to determine what is wrong and can utilize best practices in their field, resulting in the most favorable outcome for their patient.

Addiction professionals are no different; there are symptoms apparent in the life of someone with a substance use disorder such as:

  • Lying
  • Manipulating
  • An inability to control their use
  • Enabling and codependency behaviors from their support system
  • Vocational challenges
  • Comorbidity
  • Trauma

The solution to these symptoms is not a one size fits all approach. Many times, families believe if it worked in the past for another relative or friend, it will also work for their loved one. This approach often leads to individuals in need not being connected with the tailored services that they need.


Addiction by its very nature thrives in a maladaptive environment (incomplete or inadequate adaption of a behavior).

There is a common myth that if you address the person of concern with the substance use disorder, 28 days later your loved one will return “fixed,” and life will return to how it was before the addiction took hold. This myth cannot be further from the truth.  

Addiction is a chronic illness that will need to be addressed with extremely regularity to avoid relapse or other addictive behaviors becoming apparent.


family issues when dealing with addiction


Families often suffer from resentment, pain, shame, guilt and codependency regarding their loved one’s illness.

Having an individual with a substance use disorder, enter a treatment process, only to return to an unhealthy environment where their family hasn’t worked through their own, separate, but related issues. This often results in a cyclical pattern of relapse (by both the addict and their family) that is difficult to break.

Successful treatment of substance use disorders should have a family component that is parallel to the person of concern, but a distinctively separate track. Having addiction professionals, like the ones on Ascension’s staff, who can diagnosis the family system to see where problems are apparent, then create a plan of action to facilitate is the best chance of a favorable result.

Having a professional involved that does not have the emotional attachment to the person of concern is always wise. These professionals have the perspective and experience necessary to guide a course of action that is in the best interest of the family unit rather than a plan tainted by a hastily made decision or emotion.

Professionals can also provide guidance throughout the treatment process, as many difficult questions that could be hard to navigate may arise. Families that hire professionals and divorce themselves from trying to manage their loved one’s recovery process are allowed to focus more on their own healing, resulting in more serenity and peace of mind by allowing experts to steer the family unit into healthy choices.


Addiction experts have connections to the best treatment providers across a broad spectrum of needs, often resulting in:

  • A smoother transition to and from treatment
  • Cost savings to families
  • Insurance relationships
  • Help with the pre-admission process
  • A better understanding of what to expect during the treatment process

If you are like many of the families that contact Ascension, you have inevitably searched the internet to find a treatment center for your loved one. The question becomes:

  • Which one is the most appropriate choice?
  • Can you trust the online reviews?
  • Can you get your loved one in if you lack insurance or your insurance is out-of-network with that provider?

Based on the volume of referrals addiction professional guide to treatment, they can often provide the understanding and experience necessary to bring about an informed decision and help mitigate costs.

At Ascension, we do not attach our wagon to any one horse, thus allowing us to funnel thousands of treatment providers down to the ones best suited for your loved one’s needs, insurance or cash pay tolerability and experience with favorable outcomes and communication with those providers.

This allows families comfort in not second guessing a decision that cannot be unmade or trusting a treatment center representative trying to sell you on their services without a professional to vet their information.

To hire a trustworthy addiction professional, call us:




Addiction professionals can also advise on the most important component of a recovery process, aftercare.

Aftercare can either be an afterthought or an essential pathway toward success. Well trained addiction professionals understand the necessity of continuity of care and additional layers of accountability that provide the structure and guidance best suited for each unique case. This helps the person of concern to build a foundation in recovery that can last a lifetime.

In the end, the expertise of an addiction professional can not only save you thousands of dollars by stopping the pattern of repeatedly sending their loved one to treatment but can provide the peace of mind and professional guidance that very well may save their lives.


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Jon Dower, CIP, PR

Written by Jon Dower, CIP, PR

Jon is a certified intervention professional through the Pennsylvania Certification Board as well as a certified recovery coach and peer mentor specialist in West Virginia. He earned his degree in political science with minors in communications and addiction studies from West Virginia University. Jon has performed many successful interventions in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Leading the clinical services side of Ascension, his duties include interventions, management and working with the families of those in recovery. Jon builds relationships and coordinates with substance abuse treatment centers across the country. He places hundreds of individuals in the most appropriate facility yearly. Additionally, Jon serves as manager of operations of a non-profit sober living company with 32 beds in West Virginia.

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