family support

Family Support

Our goal is to help family members "stay in their lane" as the recovering loved one continues their journey toward a stable, self-sufficient and productive life. It's easy to fall back into enabling your loved one by providing money or support that they are capable of earning on their own.

We act as an intermediary between the person in recovery and family members in order to safeguard the process. By reinforcing positive, meaningful family interactions and eliminating enabling behaviors, we are able to ensure a higher rate of success in recovery. 


job assistance

Job Assistance

Ascension Recovery Services has relationships with a number of local businesses that are willing to give those in recovery a chance. These are low-stress jobs with the purpose of reintegrating the individual back into a working environment.

Finding a job depends completely on where the individual is in their recovery. We will provide résumé guidance, coaching, role play, budgeting assistance and motivation along the way. More importantly, we hold the individual accountable by using a system that requires them to be persistent and follow through during their job hunt. We don't guarantee a job, but we will do all that we can to help. 

You can't put an insurance policy on recovery, but Ascension's monitoring and relapse prevention services are the next best thing.