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Clinical Transportation & Escort

The drain of drug or alcohol addiction often leaves a wake that requires support with basic logistics. We have trained professionals available to coordinate clinically supervised transportation for willing participants, whether it's the initial travel to a treatment facility, or to aid the transition to after care or sober living.





Treatment Transitions Simplified

We also work with any and all treatment centers who have transportation needs. If you work for a treatment center and need safe and professional transportation services, please call us. We have trained counselors and certified recovery coaches who are willing and able to help with clinical transportation nationally. 

Our approach to clinical transportation consists of four steps. Download our infographic.


Do you need help getting safely to a treatment or after-care facility? 

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clinical transportation

How We Can Help

Our clinical transportation services are often engaged by treatment centers or families for:

  • Complete coordination and logistics
  • Air, lodging and transportation arrangements
  • Personal connection and monitoring throughout the entire experience
  • Experienced support during the transition to recovery

Our Approach to Clinical Transportation

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1. Clinical transport ensures treatment begins successfully.
2. Our professionals coordinate with treatment centers and arrange all travel details.
trained addiction professionals
3. Trained addiction professionals help to ensure your loved one's safety.
4. Ascension staff pick up your loved one and travel with them to their treatment destination.
Ascension Recovery Services' addiction treatment consulting relies on an evidence-based SBIRT model (Screening, Brief Interview, Referral to Treatment) to quickly and effectively support families dealing with addiction.

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